MunkyFun Catch-Up 16 Jan, 2015 / 2 comments

When we last posted about MunkyFun, the San Francisco mobile game developer founded by LucasArts veterans, longtime Telltale (and former LucasArts) art director Mai Nguyen had replaced Bill Tiller in that role at MunkyFun. She left MunkyFun last year to start her own company, Le Heart Design, which creates collectible mouse taxidermy. MunkyFun's LucasArts and Telltale alumni ranks continue to be replenished however, as earlier this month, Mike Stemmle has joined MunkyFun as a project leader.

It will be interesting to see what Mike Stemmle comes up with in that role, as the team is known for creating fun games for mobile platforms, such as last year's League of War, but they're not known for creating narrative experiences like we are used to from Mike Stemmle's projects. We'll keep an eye on them for sure, though. With Mike Stemmle at the helm, they might surprise us just yet.

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    Jennifer on 18 Jan, 2015, 01:36…
    Yeah. I really hope Chuck Jordan and Mike Stemmle are contracted out on any future Sam and Max games (and I hope Telltale's reported growing pains don't stop them from doing smaller projects, since Kevin Bruner did state he'd like to do more small "poker sized" games with Sam and Max).

    If they do a new Sam and Max game though, at least Chuck Jordan is almost a certainty. You're right that he's still doing contract work for Telltale. He was credited with helping write the first episode of Tales from the Borderlands.
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    Jason on 16 Jan, 2015, 18:42…
    My hope is that if Telltale ever makes more Sam & Max, they contract Stemmle for some on-demand work. Chuck Jordan too - I'm pretty sure he's done contract writing for them even recently.

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