More ScummVM DS malarkey 06 Sep, 2005, 23:58 / 3 comments

Those curious about how ScummVM looks running on a Nintendo DS might want to check out this thread over at Shacknews, where someone who has it up and running has posted a few screenshots and a video. Looks really tempting, but it's apparently still a big pain to get it all up and running.


  • Vanhal on 12 Sep, 2005, 12:10…
    PSP doesn't have a touch pad so its harder to control
  • InsoFox on 08 Sep, 2005, 16:40…
    I'm surprised that more isn't being made of the PSP scummvm. It works just fine, looks great, and I've played through Sam and Max with speech on it, and tried MI2, as well as MI1 with CD music. The controls were no problem at all, except in one bit, wak-a-rat, which was harder, but still okay.
  • Vanhal on 07 Sep, 2005, 18:01…
    No its not, its really easy to do.
    I have MI2 on mine at the moment, very nice, sounds a bit quite though.