Monkey's got a case of the crabs 21 Sep, 2009, 10:12 / 3 comments

There's some new details revealed in this interview with Siege of Spinner Cay/Rise of the Pirate God writer and director Mark Darin, who was questioned by IgorHardy. The interview covers everything in Darin's career, from his classic Nick Bounty games to all the passive-aggressive violence that goes on at Telltale. And this:
Nothing is worse that playing a story based game
Scatdal! Who said I was taking the quote out of context? I hate you.
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  • clone2727 on 21 Sep, 2009, 11:55…
    "Nothing is worse that playing a story based game and coming across a chess board that somehow unlocks a door if you move the pieces in the correct sequence." -- The Actual Quote (TM)
  • SurplusGamer on 21 Sep, 2009, 12:52…
    Must you spoil all our fun?
  • clone2727 on 22 Sep, 2009, 00:37…
    Of course! :P