Monkey Island music is synthetically good 05 Nov, 2013 / 8 comments

Have you heard of The Synthetic Orchestra? I haven't either, or at least I hadn't until today, when our very own Thrik came rushing in, professing his love for it, and crying tears of joy over their rendition of the LeChuck theme.

And you know what? It's good, good enough for us to pretend like it's news worthy during this slow news month! Enjoy:



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    Artisa on 01 Dec, 2013, 14:03…
    That's the second best rendition of LeChuck's theme I've ever heard! :D

    I dunno why but "Tim Burton" pops into my head when I hear this :P Corpsey Bridey?
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    Laserschwert on 08 Nov, 2013, 23:21…
    I've bought his two albums a while ago :)
    Though the wrong chords in LeChuck's theme are still quite jarring...
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    Rerun on 08 Nov, 2013, 05:21…
    Very Elfman-esque
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    Melancholick on 06 Nov, 2013, 04:39…
    Oh, man... I had never heard of this before today... and haven't peeled myself away for the last hour, just working my way through their playlist.

    Once again, Mojo: your brains and my heart equals sweet, sweet milk.
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    bgbennyboy on 05 Nov, 2013, 20:07…
    Wonderful! And that dragon roost island is great too. Good find Thrik!
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    elTee on 05 Nov, 2013, 19:17…
    Okay, my head just popped off
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    elTee on 05 Nov, 2013, 19:12…
    Oh yes...
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    Thrik on 05 Nov, 2013, 18:01…
    Anyone who likes games and music would do well to check out his other videos. His take on Wind Waker's Dragon Roost Island does it for me every time!

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