Monkey Island Tattoos 04 Jun, 2009, 01:22 / 3 comments

You've got to check out this guy's Secret of Monkey Island tattoos. He posting the work-in-progress in this adventuregamers thread.

I just hope he gets a talking tattoo on his chest in due course. And that he updates Guybrush's haircut to look more like the Special Edition version, or the kids probably won't recognise him.

Source: Adventure Gamers



  • Lewis on 04 Jun, 2009, 13:33…
    I recall before the Scummbar close, there was a (Chec guy?) that post pics of him. He had a sleeve with themes from CMI. I think he was on a band!
  • Gabez on 04 Jun, 2009, 12:07…
    Those are probably the best-done tattoos I've ever seen.
  • Lewis on 04 Jun, 2009, 07:42…
    I think it looks cool (with the exception of the neck one)!It´s been a long time since I´m planning to do a MI tattoo, but haven´t found the right one!Perhaps will come some new art work from the Special Edition really cool for a Tattoo!