Monkey Island 2: the hardcore way. From Germany - where else? 21 Sep, 2009, 05:21 / 5 comments

Say hi to Germany's greatest export since they started making cars, chemical products. Then look at what guy.brush did. Those insanely talented fans responsible for the other two Monkey Island in Scurvy-Inducing 3D Voodoo videos are at it again, and this time with the Cryengine.
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  • Snugglecakes on 22 Sep, 2009, 08:08…
    Yes but I'd say it's certainly beyond the level of the current games :)

    fajerkos: Actually one of the most irritating things about the modern games is how bright they are. This darkness is exactly how I remember Monkey Island. I love it.
  • Scapetti on 22 Sep, 2009, 02:14…
    Those pesky Germans at it again ;P
  • Melancholick on 21 Sep, 2009, 22:06…
    Um, the underwater sequence at around 5:00 officially moves this from "amazing" to "divine."

    The latter being in the Pagan, zealot-y sense of the Gods manifesting themselves for benefit of us puny mortals.
  • fajerkaos on 21 Sep, 2009, 17:25…
    I would really have liked to see this a little bit less dark, and a little bit more blue.
    Still great though.
  • Lagomorph on 21 Sep, 2009, 10:47…
    Wow, that looks really great!
    Normally I'm pretty negative on fanmade stuff, because it'll never reach the level of the original games. But this really looks amazing! I love it!