Mojo Tidbits: Adventure Gaming Edition 01 Jan, 2014 / 3 comments

To ring out the old year with a bang, here's some adventure related Mojo tidbits for you all.

First, do you remember the Marius Winter's adventure game application that got him an internship at Double Fine? Well, Diego Delfino was inspired by that, and took it one step further, creating a full playable adventure game application in an attempt to a job at Telltale Games.

Second, if you're like me, you might be wondering how chapter 2 of The Journey Down is coming along. Luckily, the Chapter 2 Work in Progress thread at Desura has just been updated with news and new screenshots.

They've got an internal preliminary playable-to-the-end build of the game up and running, but there's a lot of things missing yet and most of the movies are still animated storyboards. There are still some puzzles that need inside knowledge to solve, but they hope to have an internal beta version of the game ready by February that will allow the game to be completed by people who don't know the solutions to all the puzzles.

And, lastly, to wrap up the last Mojo tidbits post of 2013, I'll leave you with a Monkey Island music video set to the song Payphone. It was created by Artisa, and posted on our forums nearly a month ago (which is only a few days in Mojo Time™).


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    BillieJoe86 on 02 Jan, 2014, 18:56…
    Thanks for the shoutout, Jennifer! Happy 2014 to everyone
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    Remi on 02 Jan, 2014, 15:24…
    Jennifer used to seem so nice. Now she's bitter. Like the rest of us. Mojo apparently does devour your soul.
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    Artisa on 01 Jan, 2014, 20:28…
    Happy New Year! :D

    Well this was a pleasant surprise! Thank you very much! :)

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