Mike Stemmle speaks! 28 Apr, 2008, 00:18 / 5 comments

I'm not sure whatever happened to that Stemmle interview Adventure Gamers promised a few months ago, but in the meantime Rock, Paper, Shotgun has us covered with a Q&A with the Sam & Max designer/writer of lore who's yet again back together with the madcap duo - where he belongs.
RPS: Is it strange to be back so close to Sam & Max after all these years?

Mike: Strange, vertiginous, and somewhat disturbingly erotic. I keep expecting someone to tap me on the shoulder, yell "psyche!", and hit me with a two-by-four. I'm sure this'll pass.
Read the whole interview for important facts such as what Stemmle's been up to between Freelance Police and employment at Telltale, some rather perturbing revelations about Sean Clark's hair, and his secret ambition to take on a Maniac Mansion sequel someday. Could Sam & Max: Season 3 be any more anticipated?


  • hierohero on 28 Apr, 2008, 06:13…
    RPS: Are you more nervous about working on an adventure without Sean Clark? What if he was the source of all your powers?

    Mike: Actually, I’m pretty sure that it was Sean’s flowing head of hair that was the source of my powers. Luckily, I keep a small fetish of Mr. Clark at my desk, complete with a lock of his hair that I surreptitiously clipped while he was giving a toast at my wedding. Please don’t tell him.

    this is why I can't wait to have mike stemmle writing for sam & max, season 3.. the guy is hilarious!!
  • Kroms on 28 Apr, 2008, 06:22…
    It. Will. Rawk.

    And I get to play Season Two in three days.

    Man this is awesome.

    Someone just get Insecticide back on track though.
  • Kroms on 28 Apr, 2008, 00:26…
    "Disturbingly erotic."

    That made me laugh. Loud. My friend's been staring at me for ten minutes.
  • jp-30 on 28 Apr, 2008, 00:47…
    Staring at you for 10 minutes? Now that's "disturbingly erotic".
  • Kroms on 28 Apr, 2008, 02:53…
    Because I was laughing so hard.

    Nah. She's cute. :P (I just got a slap.)