Max Plushie Within Your Grasp 08 Jan, 2022 / 3 comments

Max, the adorable anthropomorphic rabbity thing you may remember being featured in a comic once in 1987 has been stuffed with fluff and is available for you to purchase, specifically if you have been unable to acquire one in the last year or so as they come in and out of stock.

What was new to me this time around with them coming back in stock is perhaps a new comic done by Steve Purcell, whom you might remember being the screenplay writer for Pixar's Brave.


I love that they were able to pick on the scarcity of the Max plushie they've encountered. I hope no one has to ever give in to the high prices being asked for on eBay.

Source: Uncute



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    Erwin_Br on 30 Jan, 2022, 12:31…
    Wow! This artificial Max does not bite, scream murderous threats in it is sleep, or incessantly break the dark winds - it is better than the real one!
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    jp-30 on 09 Jan, 2022, 23:40…
    US$70 shipping to NZ. Dammit.
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    Thrik on 08 Jan, 2022, 11:07…
    Heh, I’m sure that last time you could order to the UK but the shipping, etc too high. Now it says it can’t deliver to my address at all.

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