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Here's some small bits of Mojo related news for the month of March:

First of all, the first look at Telltale's upcoming series based the comic book series Fables will take place at the Fablescon in Rochester, MN this Saturday during a panel with Richard Iggo from Telltale and Fables creator Bill Willingham. The two will reveal "a few visuals from the game, and give away as few secrets as they can hold on to."

Secondly, do you remember the Indiegogo campaign for Dominique Pamplemousse in "It's All Over Once the Fat Lady Sings!", the black and white claymation detective adventure game presented as a musical with singing by Deidre Kiai (former programmer on Deathspank and even further back a former intern at Telltale Games)?

No? Well, you'll get a chance to rectify that and buy a copy for yourself on Windows, Mac, or iPad on April 1st. If you were one of the lucky who backed the Indiegogo campaign at a tier high enough to come with a copy of the game, you are even more lucky, as you are able to get it now. Check your e-mail, since you should have already received a link to get the game.

I've played it, and I can attest that it's well worth the money. Play the demo and see if the musical style fits your tastes. If it does, don't hesitate to buy it once it's available, since the story and detective style dialog-based puzzles are excellent.

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    Call me Squinky on 20 Mar, 2013, 16:25…
    i will have to check out the demo!

    I'm glad it was provided to see how the music component works; sometimes you can't be sure without trying it out. I'm a big fan of incorporating other mechanics into the adventure genre (as with most); didn't hear of the indiegogo campaign but I probably would have funded it if I had.

    Ideally, it will support them further to get post-pledge-tier sales, might net them more profit for their design.

    update after playing: hey this is good! they timed the pause before singing really well, even dialog fits the rhythm. also the humor is good but not overstated; I like the charm of the claymation, I will buy this via Steam if it is Greenlit (or accepted just cause.) Steam is good for indie gamers but they need to skip peer-assisted greenlighting and just run with a promising game. also stop undercutting them with crazy bargain bin sales every 5 minutes, that's for overpriced Triple A titles (please.)

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