Makes every other Bad look weak by comparison, I have to say 14 Apr, 2008, 20:44 / 3 comments

Telltale showed off demos of Strong Bad to various sites upon its announcement, and there are a couple of write-ups as a result that you may want to check out. This behind-the-scenes video held by 1up is not a write-up, but it is awesome. And in case you haven't stumbled upon these already, here's what Kotaku and IGN have to say. Telltale stresses that the demo showcased is an early build of the game, but nonetheless it should give you an idea of what Strong Bad is going to look like - very much like the Flash toons, and great.

In other Telltale news, here's some possible box art for the upcoming Wii release of Sam & Max Season 1 which Amazon even has up for pre-order, along with the claim that it'll be out August 1st. And finally, remember that Sam & Max sculpture that was being made by Symbiote Studios, of which we only got to see tantalizing concept art? Well, here's what the sucker looks like for realz! (Minus the coloring job and pending approval by Purcell.)


  • fov on 14 Apr, 2008, 22:55…
    That Wii box art is completely fake.
  • Capn_Nacho on 14 Apr, 2008, 21:19…
    I have a feeling Purcell's gonna have a few issues with that sculpt, as I kind of do. Neither Sam nor Max's faces are very well realized (Max's head looks like a football and Sam's looks like a duck's bill,) and the composition is a bit weaker than in the sketches Steve did. My two cents.
  • Kroms on 14 Apr, 2008, 20:54…
    Boy, when you post something you make it COUNT.