Mac users to get a video game 22 Oct, 2008, 16:25 / 4 comments

The Pumpkin Post is at it again, this time reporting that Bill Tiller's vampire game to end them all will be making its way onto the Macintosh courtesy of Virtual Programming.

Whoever thought we'd ever see that logo again? The port is said to be due before the year's up. Oh, and checking out Mac World's write-up of the announcement will give you the first look at one of the game's dialogue trees!


  • Hümmelgümpf on 23 Oct, 2008, 15:04…
    I'm sure Mac gamers will be happy to hear this. All three of them.
  • JohnGreenArt on 23 Oct, 2008, 05:06…
    Will this be for PPC Macs or Intel Macs?
  • Giygas on 22 Oct, 2008, 18:19…
    Yay! We get another game.
  • Ascovel on 22 Oct, 2008, 16:52…
    Cool news and a refreshing logo!