Mac Galactic Battlegrounds Soon 01 May, 2002, 00:15 / 3 comments

Just barely beating out the PC's Clone Campaigns expansion pack, MacNN reports that the Mac version of the original Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds [review] should be in production and shipping in two weeks time. This is good news for those who love Galactic Battlegrounds, or Macs, or both somehow.
Comments: 3 / Source: MacNN


  • TheRealSchmatz on 01 May, 2002, 13:54…
    I love the Image with the Mac face with the pirate hat... quite awesome.
  • telarium on 01 May, 2002, 15:29…
    Yeah, it's a shame we don't get to use that icon more often. Even though I could care less about Mac news. :)
  • Jake on 02 May, 2002, 01:06…
    This is my IE homepage.*

    *may be a lie.