Lousy News: W. Morgan Sheppard (voice of I. Cheese) dies 12 Jan, 2019 / 3 comments

This had been acknowledged on Twitter during the downtime, but I figured the passing of British actor W. Morgan Sheppard merited front page mourning. The Mojo faithful will recognize him as the voice of Guybrush Threepwood's loyal if reckless navigator Ignatius Cheese, who is additionally revealed to be the owner of The SCUMM Bar*, in Escape from Monkey Island. He was also that one guy from The Prestige, among about a thousand other roles. Sheppard was 86.

*In fact, I considered titling this "Owner of The SCUMM Bar dies", but that seemed in poor taste given that people might have interpreted that as being Remi, and why get people's hopes up?

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    WorldMaker on 07 Feb, 2019, 19:28…
    Blank Reg! What a talented character actor.
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    Jason on 12 Jan, 2019, 19:27…


    Well, that took a turn.

    You saw the same market research I did. People don't want passive-aggressive anymore. Open hostility is what brings in the clicks.
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    Remi on 12 Jan, 2019, 18:54…
    Well, that took a turn.

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