Lost Telltale soundtrack sees light of day 12 Nov, 2020 / 1 comment

When Telltale was taken out behind the woodshed in 2018, one of the projects it had in development was an unannounced Stranger Things game – the strangest thing about which was probably the fact that it was a Telltale game that Jared Emerson-Johnson wasn’t handling the music for.

Instead, the soundtrack was the commission of Antimo & Welles (The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us), who apparently got a fair amount of work done at the time the lights were turned off, leaving their music in limbo. Now, two years later, they’ve arranged a suite of the “best bits” of their unfinished work and shared it for all to enjoy:


A nice outcome, I would say! Check out Bloody Disgusting for more info, and the composing duo's Patreon if you'd like to support them.

Source: Bloody Disgusting


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    Kroms on 12 Nov, 2020, 13:58…
    Neat, especially "Eleventh Hour". I'm not keen on Stranger Things the show, but I enjoy everything (posters, music) around it.

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