Listen to frantic voicemail in The Walking Dead teaser 16 Mar, 2012 / 5 comments

Telltale partnered up with its real friends at IGN to unveil this teaser trailer for The Walking Dead:

Kinda feels like an interface-less gameplay clip from one of their CSI games. Possibly to compensate for the relative scarcity of media they've dispersed for the project thus far, Telltale is promising to follow up this tease with a more revealing "debut trailer" come Monday, while you're still bristling from whatever's going to happen in Sunday's season finale of the TV show.


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    Shmargin on 17 Mar, 2012, 04:18…
    As a fan of the comics and the show, as long as the gameplay is absolutely nothing like Jurassic Park, then I remain optimistic.
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    Remi on 16 Mar, 2012, 16:35…
    Never read the comic, but found season 2 of the TV series to be quite good. That teaser seems to capture the Walking Dead vibe well. I'm vaguely optimistic about the game.
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    MKZY on 16 Mar, 2012, 15:16…
    That was.. depressing..

    Seems like a good Zombie game to me!
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    Sopabuena on 16 Mar, 2012, 11:51…
    I actually have a good feeling about this one
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    Bloody_Eugene on 16 Mar, 2012, 10:24…
    It delivers.

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