Limited Run Games taunts the disenfranchised with Republic Commando re-release 09 Apr, 2021 / 2 comments

Okay listen, headline aside, I'm gonna dial back on the snark that it has been politely noticed I tend to dish out when Limited Run Games robs a deserving SCUMM title of one of these top notch packaged releases by routing the budget to a Star Wars title instead while their licensing arrangement with Lucasfilm presumably tick, ticks away.

It's inappropriate, it's not the time, and frankly it's not reading the room.

So in the interest of fair play here - and for gosh sakes, what do I stand for if not fair play? - and without further unsolicited commentary from the peanut gallery, here is the announced Star Wars: Republic Commando boxed set, presented in its full glory:

But if I could just say one thing. Limited Run? You listening? I want to run something past you right quick. It'll just take a second.

You get it, Limited Run Games?

See what I'm saying, Limited Run Games?

I love you, Limited Run Games.


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    jp-30 on 10 Apr, 2021, 00:15…
    If you don't care for a box, you can download the game right now through the Switch eshop.
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    Scummbuddy on 09 Apr, 2021, 19:50…
    I'm fully on board with a Maniac Mansion Limited Run special release with all the bells and whistles and other inventory items better than bells and whistles.

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