Let's talk about Mass Effect 3's ending 24 Mar, 2012 / 4 comments

Mass Effect 3, the latest RPG-ish game from popular developer Bioware, got released this March. The game's ending - a cop-out that marred an otherwise brilliant, meticulously crafted saga about space and the aliens humanity would someday alternatively blow up and sleep with - caused a slight implosion on some parts of the internet, prompting several thousand users to campaign to "Retake Mass Effect". These protesters have donated to charity in the name of the cause, but have also asked for the game's ending to be changed.

This is where it gets relevant. PC Gamer decided to ask several game writers and designers what they think of this, and whether Bioware should or should not comply to what these fans want. Of relevance to Mixnmojo are Chuck Jordan (The Curse of Monkey Island, The Devil's Playhouse), Dave Grossman (Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge, Day of the Tentacle) and Gary Whitta (The Walking Dead), and of slightly more tangential relevance is Steve Gaynor (Idle Thumbs, Bioshock 2: Minerva's Den). All interviewees provide interesting answers, and the article is worth a read.

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    DrMcCoy on 26 Mar, 2012, 11:35…
    The problem is not the ending. The problem is the whole story.
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    clone2727 on 24 Mar, 2012, 18:22…
    Chris Avellone also has a LucasArts connection...
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    Kroms on 24 Mar, 2012, 17:51…
    I somehow didn't see his name. Whoops. I've edited accordingly. Thank you!
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    custard on 24 Mar, 2012, 17:36…
    Is Dave Grossman not relevant to us? ¬¬

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