Lego Indy Footage Seen - Headline Imagination Running Low 29 Feb, 2008, 17:13 / 2 comments

Entertainment Weekly has today posted some lovely footage of the opening level of Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures. Check it out right here.

It doesn't look like TT Games are steering too far from the Lego Star Wars template, but there's definitely a lot of Indyness there, including spike traps and arrow-shooting statues. There's also a surprising amount of dark humour in the opening cutscene, with two of Indy's companions meeting unfortunate (but hilarious) ends.

Oh, and you get to see the iconic boulder chase too.


  • neon_git on 29 Feb, 2008, 17:43…
    That's a very bright cave they're running through at the end there ...
  • The Tingler on 29 Feb, 2008, 17:51…
    Maybe the brightness is up real high. In earlier pictures like this, it seems a bit dimmer. Maybe it was to make the section less annoying - running-towards-camera bits in games are inevitably very irritating.