Leaked Poker Night 2 screenshots? 28 Mar, 2013 / 4 comments

Perhaps. Have a look!


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    Shmargin on 29 Mar, 2013, 16:13…
    Hell, didn't I just post saying I wouldn't want to buy a poker game for funny commentary? But seeing Brock Samson and Ash exchange lines might make it unfortunately required for the fan center of my brain.

    O, Ascovel, the blonde guy is Brock from Venture Bros, a Cartoon Network/Adult Swim show. Was pretty funny, used to watch it like 6 years ago.
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    Ascovel on 29 Mar, 2013, 09:01…
    Who's the blonde guy?
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    Jon N/A on 29 Mar, 2013, 08:39…
    Sam looks different... The paintbrush-stroke-like textures on him don't feel right. And, is it just me, or has his muzzle's shape also changed?
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    jp-30 on 28 Mar, 2013, 20:40…
    Is it hold em again?

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