Latest Brutal Legend coverage puts the "video" in "video game" 01 Jun, 2009, 03:39 / 3 comments

Want to see Gamespot interview Double Fine Lead Designer Erik Robson about Brutal Legend? You'll never guess what this link leads to.

Then there was this video premiere for the game that appeared on SpikeTV a few nights ago. It turns out this exclusive, which is now up on GameTrailers, is actually a portion from one of the game's early cutscenes. View at your own risk.


  • monkeyboobs on 01 Jun, 2009, 16:18…
    According to hot new MEGANEWS from Eurogamer, Telltale and LucasArts co-operate for a episodic TALES OF MONKEY ISLAND series!!! in this very moment under not available because under construction. AND: The ominous "Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition" is meant to be A COMPLETE OVERWORKED HD remake. ARRRRRRRRR :D
  • monkeyboobs on 01 Jun, 2009, 16:19…
    Ha! Too late ;)
  • Kroms on 01 Jun, 2009, 10:54…