Larry Ahern talks LucasArts career in Act One of serialized interview 08 Aug, 2021 / 3 comments

The high priests who maintain the Genesis Temple sat down with artist/designer Larry Ahern for six months to discuss his decades-spanning career. Getting the interview down on paper apparently required a scope akin to The Human Condition, because they’ve only published one of two parts.

But that first half takes us from the beginning of Larry’s career all the way through The Curse of Monkey Island. A number of good working-at-LucasArts-in-the-nineties anecdotes are shared from Larry’s experiences on Monkey Island 2, Day of the Tentacle and Full Throttle, and we even get a few extra details on that scrapped prologue for The Curse of Monkey Island, which among other things would have seen the return of the Voodoo Priest of LeChuck’s Fortress.

The second part promises tales from Larry’s final years at LucasArts, including at least one collapsed version of Full Throttle 2, as well as the misadventures of Insecticide. Look for it whenever the intermission ends.

Source: Genesis Temple



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    Radogol on 20 Aug, 2021, 19:23…



    Yeah, that's quite a revelation :O
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    Scummbuddy on 08 Aug, 2021, 18:47…

    Larry Ahern

    With Curse, almost all the animation was drawn on paper then scanned in in high-res and converted to vector art to be colored in a digital ink & paint system. So, vector files for the entire game that can be rendered at any resolution existed – I’m just not sure if we saved an archived all of that (and if so, where it would be)...

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    Scummbuddy on 08 Aug, 2021, 18:29…
    Haven't read this yet, but in the immortal words of Kenny Fowlmouth... "Oh boy, is this going to be swell!"

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