LEC Quick and Easy Part 2.5 11 Mar, 2002, 14:21 / 15 comments

bgbennyboy has created version 2.5 of his Quick and Easy tool, which can be downloaded here. Quick and Easy is a tool that lets you play many of the old LucasArts adventure games under Windows 2000, Windows NT, or Windows XP with full sound.

In this version, the lockups have been fixed for Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis and the saving issues have been resolved for Day of the Tentacle. Please note that you must have VDMSound installed for this to work.


  • Erwin_Br on 21 Mar, 2002, 09:38…
    Just as kungpaojake said, the voices in Sam and Max play really slow and sound deep. Strange, since DOTT works perfectly.
  • bgbennyboy on 22 Mar, 2002, 09:49…
    And as I said to Kungpao you need to unpack the vdms.ini in the quick and easy archive to your vdmsound folder overwriting the one thats already there
  • Scummbuddy on 19 Mar, 2002, 11:33…
    don't stress yourself out. your still cool for doing this. but keep going. :)
  • bgbennyboy on 14 Mar, 2002, 12:11…
    Er, there wont be a new version this week.
    Im in the process of making Quick and Easy 3 which will has a gui and lets you choose where the datafiles are, if you want talkie or not, etc.
    Done in a couple of weeks.
  • kungpaojake on 13 Mar, 2002, 17:55…
    woo! sam and max works almost perfectly...sound works

    although, there's a slight glitch when going into certain screens it'll play a random sound like a car screech right when you enter it...

    other than that..very cool..will try other games soon..

  • Dalixam on 12 Mar, 2002, 11:49…
    I run the largest MI site on the net, so I think I know how to play the games :)

    Fact is that the keyboard doesn't work (MI2 CD), but it might be XP though because when I run the game without your program, the keyboard doesn't work either.
  • bgbennyboy on 12 Mar, 2002, 14:20…
    No offence intended.
    That does sound like a problem with XP.
    I presume youve tried adding the "k" paramater into the bat file?
    Just to see.
  • Dalixam on 13 Mar, 2002, 00:30…
    Yes, I tried adding k, but that didn't help either.
  • bgbennyboy on 13 Mar, 2002, 09:43…
    Definately a problem with your keyboard/xp dos setup then :)
  • bgbennyboy on 12 Mar, 2002, 10:04…
    Right then.
    I'll release a new version this week.
    With custom inis for each game.
    i still need your feedback though, so please reply!
  • bgbennyboy on 12 Mar, 2002, 09:47…
    The Sam and Max "heap status" message is nothing, just click past it.

    My program unpacks "vdms.ini" to c:\program files\vdmsound

    This fixes the problem you describe.
    If vdmsound is installed on a different drive then obviously this wont overwrite the ini thats already there.
    Feedback please!
  • bgbennyboy on 12 Mar, 2002, 09:42…
    MI2 works fine as far as I know.
    Keyboard works fine for me. Press F5 to save if you dont already know.

    What version of MI2 is this?
    The floppy version?
  • Dalixam on 12 Mar, 2002, 08:01…
    The keyboard doesn't work so it's impossible to save/load etc. At least in MI2 which I tried on XP.
  • kungpaojake on 11 Mar, 2002, 16:08…
    i've been trying to play sam and max on xp pro...
    the message "heap status: unplayable (399k)" or something like that pops up....

    then the voices turn to really slow and deep...inverse chipmunk voices?

    anyways, i was just wondering if i was the only one..

    other than that, the music works fine..and i've been playing it w/o sound hehe


  • bgbennyboy on 11 Mar, 2002, 14:59…
    The Fate of Atlantis "chimpmunk voices" have been fixed too. :)