LEC Adventures Honored in PC Gamer 02 Jul, 2002, 08:23 / 5 comments

Mixnmojo reader Logic has informed us that in issue 109 of PC Gamer, quite a few LucasArts titles have been dubbed the top adventure games of all time in the "Big Game Hunt" section.

In the list, Day of the Tentacle comes in fifth, Sam & Max Hit the Road place fourth, Grim Fandango reaps the number three spot, the Monkey Island trilogy pillage second place, and surprisingly, Escape From Monkey Island is #1. Thanks again to Logic for the news.


  • Superplonker on 04 Jul, 2002, 14:14…
    Where on earth was Les Manley? :D
  • LucasTones on 02 Jul, 2002, 14:11…
    That list is in every single issue of PC Gamer. They do a page on the top 5 games of each genre. Monkey Island has always been there, so has DOTT and Sam & Max. The Funny thing is, in my older issues Monkey trilogy (was at the time) is in first with 94%, and Grim is in second with 95%. Twisted logic.
  • MDChurchill on 02 Jul, 2002, 13:06…
    Nah I would say
    1. Monkey Island 1-4 (I agree with the point about not splitting them up)
    2. Grim Fandango (very close to the Monkey Islands but different style)
    3. Day of the Tentacle (classic)
    4. Indiana Jones & the Fate of Atlantis
    5. Sam n max
  • Deez on 02 Jul, 2002, 13:01…
    I find it odd that they would seperate EMI from the rest.
  • manny_calavera on 02 Jul, 2002, 12:00…
    Heres how the list was meant to be
    1.) Grim fandango
    2.) Monkey island 1-4 (It seems unfair that monkey island 4 is a seperate title.)
    3.) Sam and Max
    4.)Indiana jones and the fate of atlantis.
    5.) Broken Sword 2 (Not lucasarts but still a great game!)