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Gamepro have interviewed and then written about the "Knights of Comedy", including Tim Schafer, Mike Stemmle and Psychonauts co-writer Erik Wolpaw. It's well worth a read, but includes this baffling excerpt:

[T]imes have changed. Early games were text-heavy because they had no choice. Modern games offer photo-realism and surround sound, with millions of dollars in voice acting budgets and characters fully capable of animated slapstick. But the inescapable drive towards ever-more realistic games has also reminded everyone that a written joke doesn't just require good voice acting, or hi-tech animation. It requires good writing.

That's where Wolpaw and [Chet] Faliszek come in.
No, I'm not talking about the "photorealism" comment. I was referring to Chet and Erik of Old Man Murray being alluded to as the messiahs of good game writing. I never realized that the eagles on pogo sticks were a form of slapstick.

Source: Gamepro


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