Kill LucasArts all over again with these rediscovered fan games 06 Nov, 2018 / 4 comments

The most colorful expression of the white-out outrage that was ignited by the cancellation of Sam & Max 2 undoubtedly came from The Wibble Wobble Hat Stand (W.W.H.S.), which found its true calling as an “LEC Hate Site” in March 2004. Refusing to stop at merely collecting the various works of “hate art” righteously spewed forth by the greater Mojo community, deceased virtuoso Gabez went the extra mile and produced a few games of grandiose hostility under the W.W.H.S. banner. Despite their uncommon artistic virtue, these Adventure Factory classics have been sadly lost to time.

Or have they? Don’t ask me how, but we’ve managed to locate copies and get them uploaded, an act of nobility that we figure is at least as big a deal as Netflix finishing Orson Welles’s last movie. There are no guarantees that these will work on your machine, but then, wasn’t that the case from day one? So download these zip files and try the executables out for yourself. They’re probably not just viruses:

(NB! The games currently only work on Windows (or Wine). We expect ScummVM will add support any day now. - Remi)


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    jp-30 on 08 Nov, 2018, 01:14…


    I can still clearly remember the Lucas-arse hate image. Whoever made that was a sick genius.

    Not quite in the same league, but I made this one back in the day. ¬¬
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    elTee on 06 Nov, 2018, 19:34…
    Man, the community put more effort into hating LucasArts in 2004 than the effort we put into loving them up to that point. What a time to be alive that was. Definitely prepared me for the crushing reality of our dystopian future!
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    FredN on 06 Nov, 2018, 17:36…
    I remember making this tag in their honor...
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    bgbennyboy on 06 Nov, 2018, 07:08…
    Forget about eltee's monkey island hybrid this is what the people really want.
    I can still clearly remember the Lucas-arse hate image. Whoever made that was a sick genius.

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