Kid Tannen! 17 Nov, 2010 / 1 comment

Word on the street is that the aforementioned Back to the Future Facebook game includes concept art for George McFly, Biff, and a character named Kid Tannen in the high score segment of the tutorial.

"But wait!" you cry. "I'm just like Jason and have no interest in loading a Facebook application just to see some small glimpses of concept art!" And that's where the the good old boys at the Telltale forums once again deliver: check it out.

Of course, actually playing Blitz Through Time is the only way you're going to hear the lines of recorded line that are allegedly scattered within. Also, Telltale's Alan Johnson reveals that some new BTTF assets will be released on the pre-order forum come tomorrow. Good thing you pre-ordered!

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    Kroms on 17 Nov, 2010, 07:36…
    I haven't pre-ordered. I'm poor. :(

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