Kapow! Plunder 3D updated 03 Nov, 2005, 22:35 / 5 comments

The Plunder 3D team have added weapons to their Monkey Island inspired Unreal Tournament mod, and, yes, you will be able to throw Murray at chickens to make them explode.

What?s more, top UK gaming magazine PC Zone featured Plunder 3D in their December issue, saying that it looks "fairly intriguing" and printing a couple of the lush screenshots. I?m without a scanner at the moment, but if some dedicated Mojo reader wants to scan-it-up then I?m sure it would be appreciated (I?m looking at you, Tingler!)


  • The Tingler on 11 Nov, 2005, 21:17…
    Scans now up in the General Discussion forum. Happy? I am, my scanner's working!
  • The Tingler on 04 Nov, 2005, 20:57…
    Hey, recognition!

    It isn't that impressive, news-wise. PCZ got the news and screenshots from Mojo anyway, I think.

    Still, I'll do my best. At the moment our scanner's acting up a bit, so you may have to wait.

  • Gabez on 04 Nov, 2005, 21:05…
    Heh, well I thought that the Plunder 3D guys would want to have it since it's probably a big deal for them (and why not? It's serious mainstream attention)

    But, you know, don't feel like you have to scan it in or anything. :)

    On another note, did you not get another mention in the mag or am I spazzing out again? I could swear I saw your name in this months issue but I can't find it anymore. :~
  • The Tingler on 05 Nov, 2005, 21:21…
    It's in the Supertest (page 136). The comments about last month's supertest on Scary Games. I criticise Half-Life 2 for being utterly unscary, even though it won the Test. Every other game on the list was scarier... (grump grump grump)
  • Gabez on 06 Nov, 2005, 01:51…
    Oh yeah, that's it... didn't see Half-life 2 as that scary myself either.