KOTOR Rides Again... So Does Rebel Strike? 11 Oct, 2003, 00:47 / 0 comments

The old IGN XBox is reporting that not only is a Knights of the Old Republic sequel in production due for early 2005, but they're claiming it's not being done by BioWare (the developers of the first game). Instead, IGN's reporting that startup developer Obsidian Entertainment will be handling the new game. IGN claims they have no confirmation on this, and with good reason. It seems odd of LucasArts to not go with BioWare after their immense success with KOTOR 1. But IGN could be right, as Obsidian's page mentions both a development partnership with BioWare [press release] and open artist positions for an upcoming next-generation RPG title, and after all, IGN did have the guts to print the story in the first place, so they must have been decently sure of themselves.

Also in the increasingly saucy IGN article is mention of a secret project codenamed "Rebel X," which consists of XBox ports of the excellent Rogue Squadron, Rogue Leader, and Rebel Strike. According to IGN, Rebel X is slated to appear in late 2004 to co-incide with the DVD releases of the original Star Wars trilogy.