KOCS soundtrack listing provides spoilers 09 Apr, 2008, 15:01 / 4 comments

If you were to go to Amazon's pre-order page for the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull soundtrack disc, you would find a complete track listing. I won't post them here, since they do contain spoilers (though I'm pretty sure nothing along the lines of a certain Star Wars prequel track title), but it's there.

Also, pre-order the soundtrack! Because you know no matter what happens, that part of the movie is going to be fantastic.


  • elTee on 09 Apr, 2008, 15:08…
    Heh yes, it was even more ridiculous with Episode I given both the extraordinary level of hype and the complete and total lockdown from el Lucas. We knew nothing about the movie, and then all of a sudden, track 16 gives it all away.

    Not that it mattered in England anyway, which was the last country on the fucking planet to get the movie. Even Scotland got it a few days earlier than us! SCOTLAND!
  • Opera01 on 10 Apr, 2008, 19:22…
    No, no. Italy did...or at least, later than UK: 17th of September. What a wonderful summer spent in the underground lair...ahhhhhhhhhh almost ten years ago (yep!)
  • The Tingler on 09 Apr, 2008, 18:43…
    Yeah, I really didn't believe that. For years the project was wrapped in absolutely secrecy, then two months before the film showed here we got the book, the soundtrack, the game, the Insider's Guide, the toys, the posters, and the spoiler-laden reviews. Well done, Lucasfilm!
  • Glo_kidd on 09 Apr, 2008, 16:26…
    lol :) We even felt the sting of delay here in my tiny little town :( We usually had to wait several months before a print would make it up here, partially due to our theater being pretty small and only having one screen (it also was required to do a major upgrade of its sound system as well as GL had set it up so it only would play on a THX certified system). He has been known to make strict conditions to play his movies, a few years back when AOTC came out he head requested that Famous Players here in canada had to ply the movies for 16 week in a main theater (or something like that)It didnt really work out though as famous just threatened to not show the flick :P
    oh and if anyones wondering, I use the past tense to talk about my local theater as recently it was bought overnight by a religeous group and converted to a church :( I dont think i can properly express how much it sucks to be a film guy in a town with no theater. Guess this will be another wait till it comes out on video and tring to avoid spoilers for 3-5 months again