Just so darn easy 03 Nov, 2007, 13:04 / 3 comments

Quick & Easy Week [kwik and ee-zee week] adjective, quick and easy weekier, quick and easy weekiest, adverb, noun

1. The week where bgbennyboy updates his menagerie of programs that help you hack/run LucasArts games, or brings out a completely new tool ? one update or new tool a day.
2. A very lazy week.

Monday: An update to the Grim Fandango launcher!

Tuesday: Rip music in all the Telltale games... in Vista!

Wednesday: A new and improved Telltale Speech Extractor. Handy!

Thursday: A Psychonauts Saved Game Editor. Why get to Rank 100 the hard way when you can just type it in?

Friday: New Curse of Monkey Island set-up and improved launcher

Saturday: New Escape from Monkey Island set-up and updated launcher

Sunday: Improved USB Disk Ejector

Remember! If you have used any of these tools, and found them helpful, please consider making a donation. Benny does all of this out of the kindess of his own heart, and also he loves money.


  • MrSneeze on 31 Oct, 2007, 17:33…
    *cough* Quick And Easy Week - Day 3: Telltale Speech Extractor *cough*
  • Erwin_Br on 29 Oct, 2007, 21:23…
    You screwed up the design. I thought you should know.
  • Gabez on 30 Oct, 2007, 08:56…
    How is it screwed up?