Jim Ward Orchestrates Horn Blowing 09 Jan, 2011 / 7 comments

Everyone's favourite ex-LucasArts CEO and Tea-Bagging Congress Candidate James "Jim" Ward is back, baby. The Phoenix Symphony has named James Ward interim president and CEO of the orchestra.

"We've been very keen to find someone with good business acumen and (who) is interested in variety as key to the future of the orchestra, and the symphony as a place we can do important and engaging things," said Michael Christie, symphony music director.

"My entire career has been in a creative environment, in advertising and at Lucasfilm," [Ward] said. "One thing I learned at Lucasfilm was not to be afraid to dream and to set the bar high enough, and then have the discipline to reach that goal."

Congratulations, Jim, on your new position on behalf of The International House of Mojo.


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    tkkyj on 25 Jan, 2011, 17:24…
    Please, Sam. Don't use the word "acumen" again.
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    Haggis on 10 Jan, 2011, 17:05…
    Yeah, and you also really need just one or two violinists, and all those drums are hardly ever used anyway... So anyway, congratulations on getting a new CEO, Phoenix Symphony Chamber Orchestra!
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    MKZY on 10 Jan, 2011, 10:21…
    I think he can be very beneficial for the orchestra in terms of development and marketing.
    I think an approach of cancelling everything made by less known but very recognised compositors (like for example Pärt and others) and solely concentrating on say Beethoven and the occasional Brahms for years and years on end will definitely increase popularity and revenue for the orchestra.

    Good choice and good luck!
    What bitter? Me? Nonsense!
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    MrHarper on 10 Jan, 2011, 07:17…


    Lay-offs in 3, 2, 1.

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    Kroms on 10 Jan, 2011, 06:32…
    Lay-offs in 3, 2, 1.
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    MrHarper on 09 Jan, 2011, 21:40…
    So long as he isn't halting our supply of fantastic adventure games any more, good luck to him. He's obviously more of a businessman than he is a gamer, so let's pray he remains uninvolved with game development for a long time.
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    Melancholick on 09 Jan, 2011, 20:54…
    So... it's safe to assume that the symphony's 2011-2012 season will consist entirely of Star Wars-related performances? To help ensure "cultural and market parity?"

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