Jedi Outcast: March 28th! 27 Mar, 2002, 16:49 / 3 comments

Okay, so now you find yourself all pissed off that Jake has gotten a copy of this game before you and now you can't stand the wait. Well, LucasArts has good news for you! According to a LucasArts e-mail, Jedi Outcast will be in stores tomorrow, March 28th. That's one full day earlier than what was expected, meaning that you need to rush down to your local game store now and wait in line. Good luck sleeping tonight.


  • rites on 29 Mar, 2002, 08:46…
    Everything's closed for Easter here, so no game till Monday at the earliest!
  • QueZTone on 28 Mar, 2002, 14:54…
    hmm went to stores today, couldnt find it anywhere. not a real surprise. dutch stores. stupid. dvd cases only. blegh.

    heh :) i guess will be best option?
  • chuzwuzza on 27 Mar, 2002, 21:42…
    A friend of mine bought his yesterday (27th) here in Australia.