Jedi Outcast...? 28 Mar, 2002, 11:01 / 4 comments

It seems that quite a few stores do not have Jedi Outcast on their shelves a day early, as the LucasArts e-mail suggests. We advise that you call your favorite gaming stores first to make sure they have them before going there. As a fan, have you had any trouble finding Jedi Outcast in your local store today? Please share your comments.


  • Sparial on 28 Mar, 2002, 18:40…
    Around where I live (Lansing MI area), no stores had it in time for their opening hours. As of noon, only Best Buy had it in stock (though Software Etc. was expecting it before 5). I don't know after that, since I went to Best Buy and bought my copy and didn't check afterwards.
  • QueZTone on 28 Mar, 2002, 15:08…
    hmm went to stores today, couldnt find it anywhere. not a real surprise. dutch stores. stupid. dvd cases only. blegh.

    heh :) i guess will be best option?
  • invisibelle on 28 Mar, 2002, 16:42…
    I think DVD cases are better personally. JKII is shipping in the new "small size" box in the US at least (it's the height and width of a DVD case, but is 1.25" thick instead of the .5" thick dvd cases. also it's cardboard, not plastic), and it looks really nice. (This is Jake by the way)
  • QueZTone on 29 Mar, 2002, 16:47…
    Jake, hmm thanks for that comparison image too. Hmm i dont know the box art is cool but the size is a bit cheapishly, it has style too tho i must admit. :) Is that small size box only US or also in UK and rest of Europe?

    The ad image u had up of JK2 + JK1 showed a box (not real pic tho i know) with the same size as the JK1 archived box which is normal size. Kinda confusing.