Jake Rodkin Is Uploading Telltale Videos To YouTube 23 Sep, 2018 / 2 comments

Jake Rodkin tweeted news that he created an Old Telltale Games YouTube Channel, where he's uploading Telltale videos that never made it to YouTube.

So far, the extras from the Sam & Max DVDs and Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People are available.

On a related note, I'm still working on archiving the old Telltale Games websites. That archival process definitely has a different mood now than when I started back in late Spring.

Update: Going through this YouTube channel made me remember my TelltaleFan YouTube Channel. Here's what's on it:

In May 2010, Telltale set up a telephone number for the third season of Sam & Max, The Devil's Playhouse in New York at 1-516-vis-ion-1. If you called it (it's defunct now), you got this message.

In the Wallace & Gromit Muzzled episode data, there were files of audio bloopers. Using the Sam & Max bloopers reel as a template, I made a video of these bloopers.

The Back to the Future: The Game trailer

And just for fun, a silly video I made of Sam & Max meeting Doc Brown from Back to the Future.


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    AlfredJ on 24 Sep, 2018, 11:38…
    Agreed! I'm very happy there are still people who care about all this silly stuff. That was always the best part of Telltale and their fans.

    I'll be diving back into this again over the coming days.
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    Scummbuddy on 24 Sep, 2018, 10:44…
    I sincerely thank you all for your preservation work! Outstanding

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