Jack and Kyle, naked and flying 05 Jun, 2009, 07:34 / 3 comments

(Post edited because, as Tingler pointed-out, the lawsuit's already been reported.)

I won't let you feel too down about the lawsuit, so here's a Flickr account Tim Schafer created for you ground-walkers, full of E3. Brütal Legend has also been nominated for a couple of Best of E3 awards, specifically from IGN and 1UP.

They've also posted photos of the real-life Tenacious D guitar, which has a little Jack Black doing a little Kyle Gass at the bottom there, the Tenacious D members pretending to be 2HB or the Tenacious D members flying naked through the sky. Depends on who you ask/what you want to see/your own personal sex fantasy (you can sing that sentence). The guitar is going to be given to a person chosen from the Brutal Legend mailing list, provided they live in America (as the official rules say).

PS: Good luck Double Fine!


  • InsoFox on 05 Jun, 2009, 08:37…
    Why weren't they protecting their investment months ago when this actually happened? Funny how only now after Brutal Legend has gained a lot of momentum in the press that they've decided to go ahead and sue.

    That argument just doesn't wash with me; it's difficult to see this as anything other than an opportunist move.
  • The Tingler on 05 Jun, 2009, 08:01…
    Didn't we post this two posts ago? :P

    The last half is new though.
  • jp-30 on 05 Jun, 2009, 07:50…
    If what Activision say is all true, and that they invested $15million in the game and the rights were never formally relinquished after talks broke down, then this is really no surprise and Activision are doing exactly what any other business would do.

    They might not actually be the bad guys here. Just protecting their investment and their property.