JKII Gold? (for real this time?) 12 Mar, 2002, 13:39 / 3 comments

Jedi Knight II has been reported as going gold again, this time by A fellow LFN site that will remain unnamed reported late last week that JKII was going gold, and the story was picked up by some bigger sites. No official announcement ever came from LucasArts, though, and the story was dropped.

Could JKII be golden master and ready to ship? Maybe EBWorld knows something we don't, but at this point it's impossible to trust anything that isn't stamped LucasArts or Raven Software.

Update: People have been telling me that I'm misreporting a fact and EBWorld isn't mentioning JKII at all. The JKII news on EBWorld is a little ways down the page. Their top item is Jedi Starfighter, totally unrelated.


  • Henke on 13 Mar, 2002, 03:26…
    There is a review of JK II in this months issue of swedish PC Gamer. If they can write a review about it then it must have gone gold. Right?
  • Jake on 13 Mar, 2002, 12:20…
    Nah magazines can review late betas.
  • Metallus on 12 Mar, 2002, 15:30…
    Unrelated, either.