JJ Abrams is all about Star Wars (probably) 24 Jan, 2013 / 4 comments

File this under very unconfirmed, but The Wrap has been right before:

JJ Abrams -- you know him from Felicity -- is set to direct the next Star Wars movie. Aaaand... That's it. Will he do a better job than Old Man George's last three attempts? (Yes.)

Source: The Wrap



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    Melancholick on 25 Jan, 2013, 07:03…
    Aw, hell. If we can't have Brad Bird (yet?), I'll take him in a heartbeat.
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    Macfly77 on 25 Jan, 2013, 04:14…
    Confirmed by Entertainment Weekly.
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    clone2727 on 25 Jan, 2013, 01:18…
    Star Wars VII is really now a crossover with Star Trek XIII.
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    Shmargin on 24 Jan, 2013, 23:42…
    I read a quote from him in the last couple months where he said he turned it down, even though hes a huge fan. Then again, disney money might have changed his mind...

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