It's Tuesday, and yet another day for Telltale related lawsuits 25 Sep, 2018 / 6 comments

Couldn't happen to a more deserving company.

Polygon brings word that -- shock, awe, and surprise -- former TTG employees aren't exactly happy about how layoffs went down at the company, and are ready to fight back.

Vernie Roberts has filed a class-action lawsuit on behalf of former TTG employees, which boils down to the company being legally required to notify its staff of mass-layoffs sixty days in advance. As opposed to sixty minutes, which I can only assume was TTG's understanding. Should the plaintiffs win, they are entitled to full backpay.

I think we can all agree they at least already have won in The Court of Mojo, which really is what counts for their souls, albeit not their wallets.

For more details, check out Polygon's article.

This all while CEO Pete Hawley re-assures us all that Telltale is not shutting down. We are all waiting with baited breath for his version of The Wolf Among Us, Part 2.


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    Jones Jr on 27 Sep, 2018, 15:05…


    I hope the former employees win this thing and get their 60 days salary, although those cruelly classed as contractors might not be so lucky.

    An update on the TTG Twitter account says that completions of TWD: TFS may be on the cards with "multiple potential partners".
    Feedback is mixed between those wanting closure of the story and those stating displeasure for the way that TTG have, for want of a better word, handled the dismissal of their team.
    FWIW, there has been no update on Pete Hawley's account since Sep 21.
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    elTee on 26 Sep, 2018, 19:05…
    I hope the former employees win this thing and get their 60 days salary, although those cruelly classed as contractors might not be so lucky.
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    Jennifer on 26 Sep, 2018, 17:53…
    It's Chainsaw Monday mixed with irony. I feel sincerely sick to my stomach about the staff layoffs and wish that everyone affected finds a much better job that doesn't have management taking over the design and forcing crunch time all the time. Hopefully, their next position will be one they love at a place that actually cares about the employees.

    I have a couple I knew as a moderator that I want to wish good luck in the future:

    Caroline Liddick was an awesome community media manager. She was great at interacting with the fans, and she was great at working in the middle, between us in the moderation team and the staff. If we spotted a bug in the pre-release builds or had a problem with the forum that needed to be fixed on the server side, she would get us in direct contact with staff lickedy-split.

    Jesse Wagstaff is one of the least recognized yet very much necessary staff, web development. The forums were switched over to Vanilla with custom code in 2012, which was ugly, and brought a slew of problems on the moderation side (such as not having basic moderation features for months). When Jesse came on, the forum was greatly improved, and that required going through all the custom code and changing it so that it worked like a forum again. I was seriously going to quit before we made a thread containing problems with the forum. Jesse directly communicated with us actually listened to our moderation-related issues (a great switch since 2012) and made the forums work as a forum should.
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    Rum_Rogers on 26 Sep, 2018, 13:45…
    Hey, I'm happy I wasn't hired for that Unity dev position they had.
    Better dreaming forever than waking up in a nightmare.
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    AlfredJ on 26 Sep, 2018, 11:58…
    I sincerely hope they get every penny they deserve. I've been reading their stories on Twitter, and the way they were treated is just completely fucked up. I get that the game industry is a harsh place and that it's an obscure genre of games they were making so Telltale closing down at some point was always a possibillity, but there's no excuse for screwing your own employees over like this. I read somethig about a guy leaving his secure job at Microsoft to work at Telltale just 3 days (!) before the closure. How did he get hired?? And at least one other guy who couldn't pay his rent this month because of this and got evicted. It's all just bad. Just greed with zero empathy. Which is extra sad because we're talking about a company making obscure games were everyone (yes, including late Telltale) just put everything they could into their projects. It's the sheer love for the genre and the art that puts companies like Telltale and Double Fine above the EA's of the world, but I guess even they aren't safe from exploitation. I have friends in the game industry, and their stories and what's happening with Telltale now make me very happy I never went down that path, as much as young me dreamed of making his own adventure games. I don't think I could handle the bullshit.

    Sorry for the rant, all this just make me very angry. I know I've often been cynical about the recent games in these comments, but I actually regret that now (although, for the record, my problem was alwags with management, not the people making the things). These guys deserve a bit of love right now.

    I think I should probably finish Batman 2 at this point. I read some hilarious old-school Telltale development memories from the people who worked on that. Should be fun. Also sad. But hey.
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    Kroms on 25 Sep, 2018, 20:00…
    I'm happy I'm not TTG's legal representative, let me say that much.

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