Indy flees the Amazon for the fortune and glory of Netflix 14 Dec, 2018 / 2 comments

After being available on Amazon Prime for a while, it seems that the four Indiana Jones movies will be switching to Netflix as their exclusive streaming home beginning in January. We report this because we’re all about Lucasfilm. With the obvious exception of anything Lucasfilm has been doing since 1989.

So if you don’t own this classic film series on eight different home video formats already, perhaps this will serve as a handy excuse for some of you to enjoy Indy’s cinematic adventures for the umpteenth time while you await Indiana Jones 5, due out July 9, 2021. Upon hearing that release date, 86-year-old composer John Williams was overheard to declare: “lol”.

Source: Collider



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    Kroms on 16 Dec, 2018, 10:04…
    Raiders of the Lost Ark has been available in Jordan for a while. I keep thinking I should rewatch it and then remembering I dislike it.
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    Jones Jr on 16 Dec, 2018, 00:24…
    Interesting move, considering the Marvel content that is leaving and/or getting cancelled at Netflix at the moment.
    I guess any port in a storm until Disney+ is ready for prime time. Although in saying that, only the Star Wars logo is on the Disney+ preview page, not the Lucasfilm logo.
    So, really, the big question is: Where can one stream Howard the Duck?

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