Indy 5 proceeds despite Remi's arson 19 Nov, 2021 / 3 comments

We at Mixnmojo humbly considered ourselves natural shoo-ins for an Indiana Jones 5 set visit, but we responded to our snubbing professionally.

Most of us, anyway. Remi was heard to declare "I have been flouted, and I shall be revenged" before storming out the door. Now, we figured he was just going blow off some steam on a round of bowling. Then we saw this and knew better:

It is being said that Indy 5 is unimpacted, but who among us would have been surprised to see this production carbonized in a sudden inferno? It's just on brand at this point.

Jokes aside, we hope no one was harmed.


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    St_Eddie on 21 Nov, 2021, 10:06…
    Apparently the main production affected is Ant-Man 3, so perhaps they could cash in on the opportunity and rename the movie Fire Ant-Man.
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    Jason on 19 Nov, 2021, 21:01…


    More importantly, how will this affect Willow?

    Well, you haven't set Wales on fire [yet].
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    Remi on 19 Nov, 2021, 20:51…
    More importantly, how will this affect Willow?

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