Indy 5 heads to Morocco for some familiar-looking scenery 28 Oct, 2021 / 2 comments

By some accounts, Indiana Jones 5 has wrapped up its extended stay in Italy. Next up for the production is another extensive location shoot throughout various cities in Morocco. It seems the principle crew will be joining up with a second unit that’s already been busy filming stuntwork for action scenes, as this cheeky phone footage out of Fez testifies:

What strikes me about this glimpse is how reminiscent the set is of the Cairo marketplace in Raiders of the Lost Ark. It’d sure be nice to reclaim some of the Casablanca vibe that the series really dispensed with after its first installment (Though we know it wasn’t for lack of trying, Frank Darabont), and surely I cannot be alone in thinking that the above location is highly Sallah-appropriate.



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    Laserschwert on 03 Nov, 2021, 08:48…
    I guess we need to wait for climate change to push it out of the ocean again.


    Okay, but when do they start filming in Atlantis??

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    Scummbuddy on 28 Oct, 2021, 16:59…
    Okay, but when do they start filming in Atlantis??

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