Indy 5 concept art teases Morocco chase, spooky cavern 09 Sep, 2022 / 0 comments

The D23 Expo, a biennal to-do where Disney conspicuously sniffs its socks and shows off its future projects to the landowner class, is going down this weekend, and the internet seems convinced that the title of the new Indiana Jones movie will be unveiled during a presentation tomorrow.

In the meantime, attendees report that the movie has some representation on the floor, with an area devoted to it at the Lucasfilm booth where concept art and character costumes are on proud display:

Aside from the fact that they're adorably still trying to make that new logo a thing, it's all pretty tantalizing. Judging by that sweet concept art, Indy gets himself involved in a tuk tuk chase in Morocco (or else a location highly evocative of it), and all those mirrors in that cave don't do much to counter the Archimedes speculation, now do they. Can I presume that the very Toht-like character design belongs to Mads?

More tomorrow, perhaps.


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