Indiana Jones 5 to shoot in Sicily next month 21 Sep, 2021 / 5 comments

It would appear that The Old Country is going to be a major location in Indy 5, as production is set to move there for much of the month of October. Anyway, that’s what the “Indiana Jones 5 News” Twitter account seems to think, and not being a bigot I should think their alleged intel is as suitable to steal as anyone’s:

After Crystal Skull's Los Angeles based shoot, it would certainly be nice to see Indy traipsing across Mediterranean vistas during his new adventure, even if it turns out to be a bum steer due to Plato’s tenfold error.


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    JonesJr on 02 Oct, 2021, 08:09…
    Yikes! Thanks for the heads up St_Eddie!
    After TRoS and then The High Republic, where a boulder is a character, I think any faith in the current Lucasfilm story team is optimistic, at best :(
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    St_Eddie on 02 Oct, 2021, 04:38…
    Sorry, one more thing about Doomcock in relation to his The Rise of Skywalker leaks; for every leak he got right, he got a further ten wrong. The man’s such an idiot that he actually claimed that Lucasfilm were refiliming 75% of the movie, 2 months prior to release. He is literally that stupid, that he genuinely thinks that it’s feasible for a studio to film 75% of a movie, 2 months ahead of release and do all of the necessary post-production work within that time frame. He’s a drooling moron with a mask.

    Don’t get me wrong; I hated the Star Wars sequel trilogy and I don’t trust Disney and Kathleen Kennedy to do Indiana Jones V justice either (though I hope to be pleasantly surprised). Taking stock in the rumours of Doomcock is a total folly though. Man’s a kumquat.
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    St_Eddie on 02 Oct, 2021, 04:17…
    @Jones Jr - Doomcock is a click bait fraud. Yes, he’s been right about a couple of leaks in the past but to paraphrase; even a broken doomcockis right twice a day. 90% of his supposed “leaks” are eventually revealed to be hokum. He literally gets the majority of his “leaks” from 4Chan posts - some of which purposefully made nonsense up just to expose him for the fraud he is. Oh, he’s also a literal neo-Nazi (seriously, look it up).

    If you want reliable and credible leaks, then look towards Mr. H. Personally, I think he’s a horrible little man but unlike Doomcock, his sources and leaks do tend to be proven correct the majority of the time.

    Doomcock is click bait BS. Awful man; a liar and a fraud. He’s in it for the ad revenue and nothing else.
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    Jones Jr on 02 Oct, 2021, 01:02…
    Rumours coming out about the plot are making this movie sound like a bad idea... This guy was (sadly) pretty bang on about Rise of Skywalker, so really losing hope for Indy 5 :(
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    Lord-john on 01 Oct, 2021, 07:02…
    I dig the Plato tenfold error reference!

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