Indiana Jones - The Special Editions 03 Mar, 2008, 20:12 / 15 comments

Before you yell and scream 'nooo!!!' before running off to explain how Han shot first and how this episode of South Park was the greatest ever, let me just clarify that Spielberg and Lucas are not tinkering with the films themselves. Phew.

However, from the company that can release new Star Wars DVDs every year, we present the Special Edition Indy Trilogy, available in a box-set... or separately. Huh?

This a real kick in the face to everyone who bought the previous trilogy DVD box-set (like, everyone), and what was wrong with that big Making Of documentary on it? That was pretty definitive, I thought.

Still, at least there is some Indy IV content on Last Crusade and the Lego Indy demo, but as the film will be out a week later and the game the week after that, is there any point to these DVDs?

As you can probably tell, I'm not a fan of this idea. But what do you guys think?


  • The Tingler on 04 Mar, 2008, 21:46…
    Has everyone seen that episode of South Park?
  • Shmargin on 06 Mar, 2008, 22:02…
    South Park was kinda funny 12 years ago when I was in 8th grade, but I generally think South Park just tries waaaaaaaaaaaay to hard to be edgey and offensive, and after a couple episodes, it just gets boring.

    So, no, I have no idea what episode youre talking about.

    But I'll pretend to know if you want.
  • salty-horse on 04 Mar, 2008, 20:28…
    I have the VHS edition of the trilogy (purchased a couple of years before the DVD release), so maybe it's time to upgrade :)
  • xChri5x on 04 Mar, 2008, 18:55…
    Here's a thought! When KOTC comes out, just take out the bonus material disc in the already existing set and BINGO! Room for one more! If you want them all to line up I'm sure their will be a custom cover done that matches the rest of the films.
  • Shmargin on 04 Mar, 2008, 14:53…

    And this is coming from a person who is pretty much obsessed with Indiana Jones.


    5) Didnt I just buy this god damn trilogy a couple years ago after waiting for-freaking-ever for it on DVD?

    4) I know how the movies where made, and know that Tom Seleck would have been a goofy mustach wearing whip wielder.

    3) The whole series is going to be re-released again, in another box set once Crystal Skull hits the home market.

    2) Tired of DVD and want BlueRay.

  • elTee on 04 Mar, 2008, 06:18…
    All this re-releasing bullshit gets my goat man. On VHS I can half-understand because the format degrades over time, but Lucas takes the biscuit. I moaned when the Star Wars trilogy came out in a single box set - 'release them seperately!' I said. '2-discs per movie! You can fit all your ridiculous so-called 'versions' of the movie on there!' But no. And then a couple of years later: that's exactly what they do.

    And now it's Indiana Jones. How stupid I feel for not seeing this coming from ten miles away. I would LOVE to be a film-maker in Lucas's position just so I could make a big point of releasing my much-loved classic movies ONCE in a glorious package. And if I wanted some more money? How about MAKING ANOTHER GOOD FILM.

    Nooooo, it's far easier to just re-release the old ones in a new box. Just like it's easier to cancel confusing games that don't conform to genre.

  • xChri5x on 04 Mar, 2008, 09:21…
    They're doing what disney does with their "Vault", releasing their old movies over and over again. They're both holding off on blu-ray until they can milk the DVD format dry.
  • xChri5x on 04 Mar, 2008, 03:04…
    Artwork sucks. pass.
  • 8 of 12 on 04 Mar, 2008, 00:43…
    I'm not surprised... it's just money making, it's inevitable that they'd do it.

    Personally, I've got the previous box set that came out on dvd, and I don't think I've watched the bonus disc at all... I'll probably just wait maybe until I buy all of them in a blu-ray box set in years down the track.

    Or a holodisk box set, or whatever they're up to by then. :/
  • Gabez on 03 Mar, 2008, 22:44…
    Not really bothered about this.
  • Zaarin on 03 Mar, 2008, 20:41…
    Seems like the extras are just fluff made as an excuse to include a second disc. There are still no deleted scenes (that you could see tiny clips of in the documentary) or original soundtrack.

    I'll wait for the inevitable four-movie Blu-ray box set which will hopefully have all the extras from both releases.
  • jp-30 on 03 Mar, 2008, 20:25…
    Yeah, this thing should at the least have a dummy box for Crystal Skull that you can swap out when it hits the shelves in a year or so.

    But then I guess there will be another new box configuration for that.

  • Udvarnoky on 03 Mar, 2008, 20:33…
    I won't settle for anything less than an actual crystal skull that really kills people. Your Mom helps you set it up!
  • Udvarnoky on 03 Mar, 2008, 20:19…
    Eh, I'll pass. The documentaries sound like fluff pieces, and on the whole this seems like just a cheap attempt to re-cash in on the trilogy. If they'd included deleted scenes or some other sort of bonus that would have the geek in me salivating, I might spring for it, but this doesn't seem to offer anything worth upgrading for. (Also, you'd think they'd do this when KOCS arrives on DVD where it can be repackaged as a new boxed set, instead of now. I guess they'll be double dipping twice in the same year?)
  • The Tingler on 03 Mar, 2008, 21:30…
    Oh, I'm sure they will do that anyway.