If adventure has a name... 31 Jul, 2007, 18:55 / 0 comments

Okay, so it's time to fill in the news gap with another one of our Whenever-We-Feel-Like-It Indiana Jones 4 updates. Enjoy the following outdated coverage that you could have easily found elsewhere:

First off, the production has recently left Hawaii, which was apparently the setting of the film's opener as well as some out of control action sequences. The tropical state was standing in for South America, as was also the case for the opening sequence of Raider of the Lost Ark. Hmmm. This marks the end of the film's location shooting (which included New Mexico and Connecticut), and the rest of principle photography will take place on sets in LA.

As revealed at the Comic-Con (and leaked everywhere else in the weeks leading up to it), Karen Allen will be reprising her role from Raiders as Indy's old flame, Marion Ravenwood. Expect to see some other Ravenwoods make an appearance too, much to the chagrin of anyone who dislikes Shia LaBeouf or the resurrection of characters previously said to be dead. It is pretty great to see some of these guys together again though.

Finally, as JP mentioned earlier, the official Indiana Jones web site has experienced a complete overhaul to accommodate the influx of news courtesy of the new film, and there's a bunch of stuff there for you to fiddle around with, such as wallpapers and new videos. You can find tons more, spoiler-y information about Indiana Jones 4 floating around the internet, but if you intend to completely ruin the movie for yourself, you're doing it without my help.

Incidentally, Autumn Moon is hiring! Why not be their Lead Programmer?