ILM gets visual-effects Oscar nomination for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest 30 Jan, 2007, 13:08 / 2 comments

CNETNews has a feature about ILM getting a 2007 Oscar nomination for John Knoll's, ILM visual effects supervisor, and Hal Hickel's, ILM animation supervisor, effects on the Davy Jones character, in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. Apart from the feature, is a video interview available where CNETNews talk to John Knoll in his office, the day after the nomination was announced. Even more, there is one image gallery available featuring some ILM work photos and other interesting things, and a second gallery with photos from some interior in the ILM building.



  • elTee on 30 Jan, 2007, 20:32…
    Amazing special effects; should be a shoe-in.
  • JBRAA on 30 Jan, 2007, 16:41…
    I like this interior image.