IGN's Up At Noon Gets All Mojo-Centric 28 Jan, 2014 / 2 comments

IGN's Up at Noon has a new episode up focusing on The Wolf Among Us Episode 2, with an interview with Adam "Bigby" Harrington and new information (Lee Everett himself, Dave Fennoy, plays Bluebeard) as well as a new clip (at 16:56). They also have an interview with Tim Schafer, where he answers Kickstarter questions.


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    Artisa on 04 Feb, 2014, 09:51…
    "I own Candy" LOL

    Tim! Oh man, I found my next game! :D
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    AlfredJ on 28 Jan, 2014, 19:39…
    I'm interested in both Wolf Among Us and Tim Schafer, but even I can't sit through Up at Noon for that. It reminds me of the vibe of The Office UK, in a weird way.

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