IGN interviews Jared Emerson-Johnson 15 Jul, 2007, 23:12 / 1 comment

Let's play a game: Pretend like it's June 27th. Then I won't have to explain why I never noticed this excellent interview that IGN had with Jared Emerson-Johnson about the amazing Sam & Max soundtrack. Jared lets us in on the secrets of his inspirations for scoring the episodes and also plugs the awesome two-disc soundtrack that Telltale's putting out soon. (You did order it, right?)

And if you haven't seen it yet on Telltale's site, the article has the track listing for the album - an outrageously extensive 73 compositions altogether. Jared also offers some thoughts on one of his favorite tracks from each episode (in which Jake is credited as the man behind the provocative lyrics of "Midtown Cowboys"), and reveals that he's already hard at work on Season 2's tuneage. Grab your flugelhorn and get to reading.


  • Gabez on 15 Jul, 2007, 23:39…
    What a beard!