IGN draws swords with Lego Pirates of the Caribbean 02 Feb, 2011 / 2 comments

I seem to be becoming the go-to guy for the Lego games here. Oh well. IGN have a first look and a trailer for Lego Pirates of the Caribbean, which I'm sure a few people will prefer to Star Wars (especially The Clone Wars).

Probably the most interesting bit of information is that the game will cover all four POTC films, including this summer's On Stranger Tides. The game is due to coincide approximately with that film (like Lego Indy did with Kingdom of the Crystal Skull) and will release on all platforms - although strangely absent from the release list is a 3DS version, especially after all the trouble TT Games went through to get Lego Clone Wars on the system.
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    BillieJoe86 on 03 Feb, 2011, 02:29…
    Speaking of IGN:
    "The Return of the Adventure Game"
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    Melancholick on 02 Feb, 2011, 19:46…
    Well, from the looks of that trailer, it's the closest thing we're going to ever see to LEGO Monkey Island... which puts this in the category of "probably buy, finish, turn around for credit on Amazon" for me.

    I love these games, but I've got a good half-dozen of them on the shelf right now.

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